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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Dec 27, 2022

In this episode, we’re talking about Money Matters & how emotional discounting can be hurting your salon biz with my favourite boss lady, Maddi Cook. I have gone from surviving to thriving thanks to the education and coaching I invested in this year with Boss lady Maddi Cook to learn and implement new skills for creating profitable pricing with a sale increase of 34% reaching my goal of being a SIX FIGURE STYLIST working 3 days a week on the salon floor. Let us help you achieve your financial goals! We want you to have the same success with a brighter future.

Maddi Cook has built a tribe of Bosses who are smashing the hair and beauty industry. She is helping her students and community build our own empires and know the importance of working smart.

Most hair and beauty business owners are awesome at their crafts.  They can balayage with the best of 'em, craft creative claws and brow like a badass. But there's something missing…

They feel like they're winging it. So Maddi created her online course Boss Your Salon, to show YOU that you have it in you to start building the salon business of your dreams.


  • Track your cost of goods and doing business
  • Create pricing for profit based on your expenses and personal goals
  • Align with mentors to support your professional growth and financial goals
  • Stop emotional discounting
  • Change your money mindset and join how to scale your salon biz for 2023

Listen to episode 122 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast to learn more.


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