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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Feb 17, 2020

In episode 8 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast I am very excited to be chatting today with the amazing director of six underground media, Hayley Mears. So, if youre not really in love with how your brand looks on social media, then this is the podcast for you.


The team at six underground media are your one stop online shop for all the social media tiles youll every need. Hayley is an ex-hairdresser turned marketing guru that creates digital products to elevate how your brand looks online.

I personally have hired the team at six underground media for several and varied projects to help create branded content for my education biz digital promotions. These have included unique social media tiles, banners for EDMs, plus animated GIFs and social media advertising advise. What I love about the custom tiles is that they are editable, so I can reuse them by adding text in a program like Canva. Its that easy!

 Six Underground Media has also created contracts for Colour Corrections and Influencer agreements that can be changed to suit your needs. Examples offered within my show notes as the freebie download on my website


Hayleys top 3 tips for socials + digital marketing:

  1. Pinterest is a search engine that can be used to catalogue your client pics, especially with Colour Corrections and anything you want to explain the journey
  2. Pinterest when used with urls and web links can drive so much traffic to your page + you can auto link your salons insta to Pinterest to save you time.
  3. Canva is a great program to edit tiles and add branding to all your social media posts, including her fabulous editable tiles


Freebie resources with this episode:
Mini ebook containing my brand mood board to share as an example to create a theme for your socials to stay on brand + a sample colour correction contract for transformation client available to download on the website blog page