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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Feb 14, 2023

Do you have clients coming to your salon showing Pinterest pictures for inspiration?

Wondering if having a Pinterest Business account is for you and your salon biz? In this episode, we answer that question.

We are talking with Pinterest TV Coach & Stylist Celeste Gonzalez to help us all learn more about the power of Pinterest for hair and beauty businesses. Pinterest is one of Celeste’s favourite platforms in her business and teaching her students to use it in their hair and beauty businesses. 

Unlike any other social media, it is a search engine. It is a long-term platform that is evergreen with each post having a much longer active attraction than Instagram or Facebook. 

Pinterest can lead you to a booking site, and website and most importantly grow your authority, and let's face it most of us hairdressers are educators & might be in the future. 


Listen to learn how powerful Pinterest marketing can be for you and your hair biz! 


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