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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Nov 1, 2021

Online Learning has changed the way we learn & is changing our industry for the better. Most educators and coaches now offer online and in-person events or workshops to cater to more students with flexible pathways for learning. Online learning ensures that you have the best seat in the house, without having to travel to attend trade shows or hair shows. In today's technology age most education is available online and can include all the same perks and networking opportunities as in-person events.


I'll be talking about these 3 reasons to love online education:

  1. Online courses are flexible for learning with support at your own pace
  2. Online courses are not the only way to learn online, for example, podcasts are great for audible learners & online coaching are suitable for experiential and visual learners
  3.  There is some great education online for hairdressers that is free to access

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