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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Apr 14, 2020

We are currently all experiencing unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Have you ever wished you could sit down with successful salon owners and pick their brains during a crisis?

I sure have, so I wanted to provide a special series dedicated to helping my industry know what they can be doing to help their salon, team and clients stay connected during this unprecedented time. It is vital for us all to have skills that could help us future proof areas of our business, and look at the future with some practical steps to start now.

This is the first of a 3-part series designed to help hairdressers navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. The Colour Kristina Talks Podcast is committed to helping hairdressers feel connected and educated with flexible options to work towards a brighter future.

In episode 15 of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast I am talking with Expert Educator and Salon Coach, Carl Keeley. We discuss a few key topics around how to work towards creating a new business model, whilst maintaining relationships with the salon triangle (clients/team/owner) plus more. A full transcript will be available on my website blog page, because this episode is jam packed with tips to maintain and sustain your biz during the course of this pandemic and beyond.

The key themes covered in detail in this episode are:

  1. Staff - Teams: Keeping your team connected. This is relevant for salons that are open or closed. Team members can be utilised to diversify their skillset and there are so many options to keep them busy with new marketing or digital skills to support your business systems until it is time to reopen or invite in new clients. Now is the time to nurture and learn new skills to scale stronger systems.

  2. Client Communication: This is so important and not to be overlooked!! We are hairdressers and love doing hair, but ultimately we are a relationship industry. Keep your messaging to clients on point with what’s happening in the salon and what the team is doing. We discuss email newsletters, Facebook client groups, Customer VIP Groups and a few ideas for helping clients know how to use products that you sell them from your online shop. Yep! Time to setup an online shop if you don’t have that done already as first priority, or Freelancers/Self-employed Hairdressers it’s a great time to start offering gift certificates for clients to buy now and have their hair done at a later date.
  3. Salon Owners: we discuss things a Salon Owner can be doing now for their teams and where you can access online support and up-to-date education.

  4. Self-Speak + Mindset: This is a big one! What are you telling yourself? Now might not seem like it, but it actually is a great time to set projects for 6 months from now. Start working on your dream biz or dream clientele, and start actioning the steps needed for that.