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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Apr 6, 2020

Would you like to KNOW HOW to stand out as an EXPERT Hairdresser and learn how to earn more working behind the salon chair?

If you answered a very loud YESSSS, then you absolutely must listen to this interview with US Expert Hair Color Educator, Elaine Travis.

In this episode we’re talking about all things colour and how to become ready to be a six-figure hairdresser. We chat about the importance of education and how to access online salon resources to elevate you and your team for success.

Elaine Travis has been a professional hairdresser for over 30 years, and formerly an incredibly successful salon owner. Her passion for hair color  continues to grow each year, and her ability to communicate her message in a simplified approach is truly helping our industry to upscale their professional edge with clarity.


Elaine has also written a book for hairdressers, called A Colorful Journey. Her motivation was to share her approach, and create something for new hires and team members as a practical resource. This led to her doing the hair show circuit to grow her teaching experience, and she has recently sold her salon after 30 years and gone on a virtual teaching platform.

Her method is to simplify information. Basically there is only 3 things you can do to hair:

  • You can lighten it
  • You can deepen it
  • You can brighten it

Seems simple, right?

When we break it down, it becomes more clear the choices are simple but the techniques needed to support the decision for each client needs to be learnt to step from hairdresser to Expert.


Elaine's top 3 tips to stand out as an Expert Hairdresser:

  1. Pay attention to details
  2. Proper Pricing
  3. Become a Couture Colour Artist


Wondering what is involved in each of those 3 tips to stand out?

Listen to learn more. Make sure you download your freebie learning resource attached to this episode, because Elaine has given an incredible Digital chart that you should print out for your colour dispensary wall.

Click here for your free Guide to Creating and Formulating Glazes and Root Shadows, or jump on my website's blog page for show notes and download your freebie resource there.

Next week’s episode is all about how to maximise your bookings every day. I share my exact approach that I use on my salon clients to boost productivity and revenue to help you boost your bottom line. Have a colourful week x K