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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Jan 13, 2020

Are you seeking financial independence and fulfilment? On this weeks podcast, we speak with Jessica Giles from Chic Money about money mastery and how to overcome the unique challenges facing women in creative enterprise and small business.


Jessica discusses her own personal experiences that led her to encourage other women to pursue a life of abundance and how financial acuity and a passion for your craft leads to personal development and empowerment.


As well as a qualified accountant and money mastery coach, Jessica has recently launched The Femme Financial Freedom Podcast, with episodes covering everything from creating immediate cash flow to accounting tips and tricks..


We hope you enjoy the episode and if you would like more information about Jessica’s Money Mastery Academy, you can visit the Chic Money website.


“Financially empowered women will save the world, beginning with their own.”