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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Apr 20, 2020

This episode is to help hairdressers and salon owners seeking some free education and inspiration during isolation (or social distancing) within a special 3-part  COVID-19 series focussed on different aspects of what you can do now to feel connected, educated and work towards a brighter future.


I am chatting with Youtube legend and Salon Owner, Adam Ciaccia about a free-to-access online education platform he recently setup with fellow Aussie Stylist Kobi Bokshish. Their group was setup as an industry reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic to help hairdressers across the globe seek education and connection. Within a few days thousands of hairdressers had signed up, which just shows how many people are wearing for community during a time when a lot of hairdressers are self isolating across the globe.


I like the concept of this new Facebook group called AFTERMATH Hair Education, because it encourages big names and industry disruptors to contribute live or pre-recorded videos to help inspire and educate others. And what I love about the group is that there are so many Emerging Educators or first-time presenters being given a platform to share what they do, which is awesome to see newbies share their passion in a supportive group. Today there is 10,000 members in their Facebook community and I am confident this number will keep growing.

AFTERMATH Hair Education is a Global Independent resource for Professional Hairdressers. A platform for Hairdressers to create, contribute and consume Hairdressing Education content, 24/7. In good times & bad the Global Hairdressing community is here to support one and other; united together through friendship, positivity and kindness we can overcome any crisis.

Adam and I also chat about youtube and how he built a loyal client following from sharing his approach in videos. Yep! That’s right! It is not just hairdressers that love watching hair online, it’s also our clients and our potential future clients. Now could be the time to setup a youtube station for your clients sharing how to use products that you love and sell at your salon, whether you are currently open or not.

Getting comfortable in front of a camera can be challenging, but often we are the biggest roadblocks for our own success. Join the community at Aftermath Hair Ed on Facebook and submit a vid of your doing some hair.

I would loooooooovvvvveeeee to see my gorgeous listeners (yes you!!) sharing their first ever video tutorials in the group. And just to help you feel less alone, I want you to know that I have taken the challenge too. I ordered a tripod online and will film a couple vids in the next week or so, and then am committed to my first IGTV.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it could be a good time to pivot in your business and try new things. If you would like to step into youtube or film tutorials, this is the podcast for you!

Stay safe lovelies x Kristina