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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Aug 30, 2022

Wondering if you need to pre-lighten or bleach hair before colouring light or bright reds and coppers? In this episode, we answer that question. 

Many so-called “Hair Colour Gurus” will tell you to bleach before vibrant reds. Let’s bust this myth! This is simply not true!

Unless you’re working on...

Aug 17, 2022

Many hairdressers associate alcohol and drugs with celebrations and having fun, and equally reach for substances to knock the edge off a rough day. This podcast is a conversation with Clive Allwright, salon owner, global educator, stylist, and industry icon coming clean about sobriety.

This is a very sensitive issue...

Aug 9, 2022

Very few women experiencing family violence approach specialist services or the police in the first instance. However, they are likely to tell someone they trust. Due to the 'touch and talk' nature of salon work, hairdressers and other salon professionals often develop a strong and intimate bond with their clients where...

Aug 3, 2022

Scared of stripes? Not sure what foil pattern suits which hairstyle? Not If You Use these 6 Must-Know Foil Highlight TechniquesThe Right Way!

I love foiling! I love foil highlights! And I am absolutely not the only hairdresser that loves and utilizes foil fundamentals for haircolour success. 

Balayage has evolved to...