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Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers

Nov 29, 2022

If you are a busy hairdresser or salon owner, this episode will get you excited about digital marketing with tips, tricks and strategies that are easy to implement into your salon business. In our visual industry, your salon or personal hair brand’s messaging is now more important than ever.

I am speaking with Stylist...

Nov 22, 2022

Wondering which colour stripper is the best for you in your salon? Is it better to use Bleach or Colour Remover? In this episode, we answer those questions and I will reveal the only 2 Colour Strippers that you need to know.

In case you missed the last 2 podcasts make sure you go back and check them out because Copper...

Nov 1, 2022

Wondering what to do when your blonde clients try the copper haircolour trend & then change their mind and ask for blonde again?

In this episode, I'll be talking about 3 salon-friendly techniques for clients that were blonde, went copper, and now want to go back to their previous blonde colour again.

I am spilling the...

Oct 31, 2022

Wondering how to transform your blonde, balayage, bronde and teasy light clients into copper? And worried they will ask for blonde again and you’re not sure how to approach that?

In this episode of the Colour Kristina Talks Podcast for Hairdressers, we answer that question.

I would love to help you be fearless with...

Oct 6, 2022

In this episode, we’re talking about strategies for responding to negative feedback or 1-star reviews and why you need one to protect yourself and your salon biz.

There are 3 things I suggest doing when you get a negative google review. These are easy-to-action steps that are best done quickly after the review has...